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Our Wish List

Office Supplies

Lined paper

- Post It Notes

- Glue Sticks

- Duct + Masking Tape

- Power Strips

- Heavy Duty Extension Cords

- White Boards

- White Board Markers and Cleaner

-  Gift Cards

(Tractor Supply, Mason Elevator, Staples, Meijer,

Family Farm and Home, etc.)

Classroom Supplies

- Craft Supplies for our students

- Crayons and Colored Pencils

For Our Volunteers

- Coffee

- Hot Chocolate

- Bottled Water

- Granola bars/ Breakfast bars

Cleaning Supplies

- Muck Shovels

- Manure Forks

- Weed Wacker and string

- Clorox/ Lysol Wipes

- Bleach

- Murphy’s Oil Soap

- Window Cleaner

- Toilet Bowl Cleaner

- Toilet Paper

- Hand Soap

- Hand Sanitizer

- Lysol Spray

- Counter cleaner

For Our Horses

- Hay (round or square bales)

- Horse Treats

- Slow Feed Hay Bags

- Horse Shampoo, Conditioner, and Detangler

- Bungee Ties

- Fly Sheets

- Fly Masks

- Large Yoga Balls

For Our Barn Cat, "Mr. Feet",

Who Has 23 Toes!

- Small cans of wet cat food

- Dry cat food

- Scoopable litter


- Side Pull Bitless Bridle

- Western Pads

- English Pads

- Half Pads

- Saddles

- Even Tack that is not useable to us is accepted (especially saddles) to sell in our tack shop to raise funds

- For more information on tack donations, please visit our Tack and Craft Shop Facebook page.



- If you are a licensed electrician, plumber, landscaper, any type of equine specialist etc. and can donate your services to us we would greatly appreciate it



**All in kind donations are tax deductible. BTRC is a program of the Lansing Public School Educational

Advancement Foundation (LEAF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation.

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