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Ride With Us!

     ***We serve people with all abilities, proudly offering riding lessons to people of all ages (3 and older), with and without disabilities. Our PATH certified staff teaches skills in therapeutic riding and natural horsemanship to students from beginner to advanced levels.

General Information

•For the safety of all participants, we operate under PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International) standards.

•All participants entering our facility are required to adhere to our BTRC Guidelines.

•For the safety and protection of our horses, we have a 160-pound rider weight limit. We offer equine relationship building as an option for those who exceed our maximum weight limit.

•Riding students have the option of private, semi-private or group lessons at the discretion of the instructor.

•Horses brought into our facility must have proof of annual vaccinations and a negative Coggins test.

•All participants enrolling in our regular lessons must complete a rider packet.

•Students with disabilities are required to have a physician’s authorization to participate in our program.

Lesson Schedule and Pricing (Click Here)

Lesson Student Forms (Click Here)


Class Information by Type

Therapeutic Riding


Therapeutic riding helps students with disabilities and in some cases, assists in rehabilitation. Riding is a unique and enjoyable way to improve muscle tone and balance and to develop confidence and a sense of responsibility. Students’ needs are assessed before they are scheduled for classes. Instructors create lesson plans based on initial assessments and update them as students progress. Lessons are tailored to students according to severity of disability, personal needs, and cognitive level.


Some students with disabilities simply benefit from the horse’s movement, while others gain motor and cognitive benefits engaging in specific class activities. Class time may include games on horseback, simple steering, verbal exercises, and muscle-stretching exercises. Students ride year-around in the safety of a heated indoor arena as well as enjoying our beautiful wooded trails in good weather.


Independent Lessons

Students who are able to handle horses with minimal or no help from a class assistant ride independently. All independent students are placed into classes with students at the same level. Students are assigned assistants while riding, based on their confidence level and riding abilities.



Our students learn more about horses than riding.  We use natural horsemanship techniques to develop collaborative relationships between students and horses.  Beginners and former riders seeking to refresh their skills learn about horse psychology and what it takes to communicate safely, humanely, and effectively with horses.  Students gain understanding and confidence from working with horses and eventually advance to saddling and riding horses.



Students who can maintain fair control of their horses on the ground and while in the saddle, with little or no assistance, advance to the intermediate level. Students at this level continue to expand their knowledge of natural horsemanship and refine their riding skills.  Intermediate lesson plans include exercises to improve posture, rider position, executing patterns, and advancing in riding at the trot and/or canter.



Advanced students demonstrate an understanding natural horsemanship methods, both on the ground and while in the saddle. Class material includes continued refinement of riding techniques including taking horses through obstacle courses and advanced terrain.

Summer Camps

During the summer we offer week-long camps for elementary and middle school children through the YMCA, other non profit organizations, and local school districts.  These classes offer basic horse care, nutrition, and riding experiences along with crafts and other activities suitable for children.

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